Getting this wiki into shape!

Hello everyone!

I know I haven't been the best example, seeing as how I'm the only real staff member on here, but this wiki has (once again) fallen into inactivity.

So, I've been re-reading the Graceling trilogy (I've taken a break on Fire to read a new release), which has refreshed my memory of the series! As such, I will now be able to fill in a lot more information on this wiki!

Being that the Graceling trilogy is already over, I don't expect this wiki to become very large, it's simply not realistic. However, I have some ideas on how we can increase the active while also having fun and providing information to those who are curious about this fantastic trilogy!

I plan on implmenting an Avater Wiki-esque Fanon (fanfiction) portal! I hope to get it up and running before I begin my senior year in high school (which will be starting in August of this year!), and to maybe have a few more users on the wiki!

So that's about it! Remeber to close your minds from Monster attacks and to not fall under Leck's spell! Happy editing!