Vital Statistics
Full Name Arklin
Family Aliss (Mother)
Brocker (father)
Aran (son)
Liv (daughter)
Age Early 20's
Gender Male
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Brown
Height N/A
Status Dead
Grace None
Weapon/Skill Bow
Allegiance Fire
Appears Fire

Archer is Fire's childhood friend and lover. His real name is Arklin and grows up on Brocker's estate. He gets his nickname (Archer) because he is very skilled with a bow and arrow. Archer has jealous tendencies, and is known to bed women frequently. He is often overprotective of Fire and guards her. After fathering children with both Mila and Clara, he leaves on a quest to find the mysterious archer targeting Fire. Archer hopes to protect Fire from the threat of this archer, feeling shamed at his actions which have lead only to trouble. He is captured by a young King Leck (Immiker), and shot in the stomach with an arrow by his own father, Jod. He dies at Cutter's house, where Fire later finds his body. After rumors the Nax sending a rapist to Brocker's wife, Jod is assumed to be Archer's real father but towards the end of Chapter 30, Brocker reveals to Fire that he had two sons of different mothers, Brigan was Roen's son and Archer, Aliss's.

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