Fire is the main Character of the second Graceling Realm Book-she has an exquisite beauty with flaming red hair that no one can resist and holds the grace to control minds. Though she have every right to be proud of her gifts she is ashamed of them. She is often faced with attackers from monster predators who are enticed by her blood and humans who despises her beauty and her father Lord Cansrel.   


Archer is the best fried of Fire and at times her lover. He is the illegitimate child of Brocker. He is madly in love with Fire and gets fiercely jealous when Fire gives other men her attention (even though he sleeps with a bunch of girls himself).


Brocker acts as a caretaker of Fire. Archer and Brigan are his sons. Aliss his wife and Queen Roen was his lover at one time.


Queen of the Dells.


Brigan is Fires lover. He has a daughter who is 5 years old in the book "Fire". He conceived her with a girl that worked in the stables so her identity was kept a secret. Brigan is the army commander and has 2 brothers and 1 sister


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Cansrel is the deceased father of Fire. He is a monster human, so he looks like a human but has different colored skin.

King NaxEdit

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Leck is is a twisted person who enjoys torturing people as well as animals. He has the grace to make people believe any thing he wants by talking initially a form of mind control. In the future Leck kills his wife and makes all the soldiers believe it was an accident even though they saw him chase her down on horse back, aim at her heart, and shoot the arrow through her themselves.


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