A Grace is a unique, and sometimes strange, skill that one has. Graceling, people with Graces, can be identified by their mis-matched eyes.

Graces can take time to appear, normally a few months after birth, but it has been known to do so much later in life, in the early stages of childhood.

Graces can range from survival to mind-reading, to dream-giving, singing, and fighting.

Graceling's were, and are still in some cases of the Seven Realms, taken by the King/Queen of their land to be used as they see fit. This was abolished in Monsea with the rise of Queen Bitterblue, and was never so in the land of Lienid.

List of people with GracesEdit

  • Katsa - Survival, with an extreme capacity for any kind of fighting. Previously assumed killing. 
  • Prince Po - Perception of the physical world around him and Mind-Reading when referring to himself. Believed to be hand-fighting.
  • Holt - Strength.
  • Darby - Never sleeping.
  • Death - Reading and Memory. Can read with inhuman speed, can remember anything he has ever read, and recite it. Also unnaturally good with ciphers.
  • Saf - Dream Giving.
  • Leck - Lying, and having people believe him.
  • Jass - Can tell by sight and smell what a person would find most satisfying to eat.
  • Hava - Disguise/Hiding, makes people see her as something other than what she is.
  • Fox - Fearlessness
  • Lord Danzhol - Can open his mouth as wide as his head.
  • Captain Faun - Can see storms before they hit.

More people have Graces, but have not been mentioned in the series.

Other Graces Mentioned Edit

  • Juggling - Can juggle 'any number of items without dropping them'
  • Storytelling
  • Mind Reading (Mind reading can be very varied in how it develops, the daughter of an Estillan border-lord can read people's desires, what they want.)
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Fighting
  • Sword fighting
  • Archery
  • Climbing trees
  • Holding one's breath for an impossibly long time
  • Talking backwards
  • Cooking
  • Handling horses
  • Wine making
  • Predict crop quality of following year
  • Numbers/Maths
  • Mood/emotion reading with touch
  • Swimming
  • running extremely fast

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