A young woman Graced with survival, the main protagonist in the story, with one eye green and one eye blue.

Prince PoEdit

(Prince Greening Grandemalion) A prince of Lienid, Graced with perception of things around him and can read people's thoughts about him. Katsa's good friend, . 

King LeckEdit

Queen Bitterblue's father. Married to Queen Ashen, King Ror of Lienid's sister. Graced with telling lies and having people believe them and to confuse the state of mind.


Future queen of Monsea (city in the seven kingdoms)

Prince RaffinEdit

The heir to the throne of the Middluns

King RandaEdit

The cruel king of the Middluns

Lord OllEdit

Randa's captain and ally of the council.

Lord GiddonEdit

One of Randa's underlords ally of the council. Is in love with Katsa which is clear to everyone but herself.


Katsa's friend and servant.


Prince Raffin's assistant and future lover.

King RorEdit

King of Lienid, Po's father

King ThigpenEdit

King of Estill

King MurgonEdit

King of Sunder

King DrowdenEdit

King of Nander

King BirnEdit

King of Wester

Prince SilvernEdit

The fifth son of Ror and Po's brother

Prince SkyeEdit

The sixth son of Ror and Po's brother

Queen AshenEdit

Deceased queen of Monsea

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