Hava is the daughter of Bellamew and King Leck and is also the niece of Holt. She is Graced with hiding/disguise.At the end of the story it becomes found that she could also be Bitterblue's sister.

Past/background Edit

Her mother Bellamew was a sculptor for King Leck. He raped her, and Bellamew later had Hava and hid her from Leck. When Leck found out, Hava was gone, and he killed Bellamew, later trying to destroy her work.

Bitterblue: Edit

Hava is first mentioned by Prince Po, having a unique and amazing Grace, when he senses her hiding disguised as canvases.

Later she helps Runnemood try kidnap Queen Bitterblue. She then, realizing her mistake, saves Bitterblue's life twice. When Bitterblue finally talks with her, Hava breaks down into tears, saying she was only helping, kidnapping her because she was deceived in trying to make her power more strong. Bitterblue forgives her. Later Bitterblue finds out she and Hava are sisters. It is hinted that Hava already knew, but was afraid to tell Bitterblue