​Jod was thought to be Archer's birth father, due to King Nax sending him to rape Archer's mother, Aliss.

In Fire, he is described as being "bitter and cruel". He is King Nax's master archer and when Nax discovered of Queen Roen's infidelity to him, with then commander Brocker, he sends Jod to rape Brocker's wife Aliss. Throughout the series, Jod is being influenced by the Graceling Leck. When Fire touches his mind or the mind of people Leck has been in contact with, she finds them full of white emptiness.

Jod became famous for his archery skills as he never seems to miss a target and can also make seemingly impossible shots throughout the novel.


When Jod meets Fire his mind is already taken over by Leck and she never gets to know the real him.

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