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King Leck
Former King of Monsea
Vital Statistics
Full Name King Leck of Monsea (Former)
Family Bitterblue (Daughter)
Queen Ashen (Wife)
Hava (Daughter)
Larch (Father)
Age Teens (Fire)
50's (Graceling)
Gender Male
Hair Color Golden
Eye Color One gray, one red
Height N/A
Status Deceased
Grace Lying
Weapon/Skill Grace
Allegiance Himself
Appears Fire

King Leck was an antagonist in Graceling and Fire.

Early lifeEdit

Leck was born with two brown eyes and the name "Immiker." His mother, Mikra, who died during childbirth, devastated his father, Larch. Immiker was raised by Larch and his nursemaid, and while Larch could see no wrong in the boy, the nursemaid was always suspicious and checking Immiker's eyes.

Immiker was an intelligent baby, and by the time he was fifteen months old he was already speaking in sentences, and at eighteen months he no longer spoke with babyish mumbling. Disturbed at Immiker's rapid mental development, the nursemaid resigned. After that, Larch took Immiker with him to work, taking constant breaks to feed him, check on him, and answer his inane questions.

At three years old, Immiker developed heterochromia, marking him as a Graceling. He instructed his father to withold him from the king. They fled into the mountains, where, despite Larch's terrible injuries, Immiker used his Grace to force his father to keep moving, all the while Immiker remained unharmed and unconcerned for his father's agony.

They emerged in the Dells and began a life in which Larch depended on Immiker to translate and tell him what to do. Monsters hungered not just for human flesh, but for Immiker's flesh in particular. As soon as he was big enough to wield one, Immiker learned how to use a bow and arrow to defend himself; he also defends himself by learning to guard his mind against their mental powers. As Larch notes the presences of many different people, who come and go, it can be inferred that Immiker used his Grace to persuade people to teach and protect him.

Immiker developed a hobby of "playing" with little monsters by torturing and dissecting them. At age ten, he was covered in blood, torturing one, when Larch happened across him and told him that he thinks Immiker's Grace may be mind control. Immiker, delighted and amused at the man's insight despite his fogged mind, laughed and hugged Larch, stabbing him in the stomach and killing him.

Immiker left the house they had been living in, setting on fire as he did. He wanted a new, exciting life, and for this new life he chose a new name: Leck, how the Dellian people had mispronounced Larch's name.


His past is told in the Prologue. 

His next appearance in the story itself is when he comes to the palace with Cutter. Fire first spots him torturing a monster mouse with a string around its neck. His appearance unsettles her, though he seems to be fascinated with her in turn. He leaves, saying, "I'm glad I got to talk to you. You were even better than I thought you would be," Only after he is gone does Fire realize Leck is behind the foggy-minded people. It is suggested he is after her, for whatever reason being unknown. 

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In Graceling, Leck is the King of Monsea. Although he is renowned for his kindness towards small animals and children, he is actually a sadist who enjoys torturing and experimenting on people and animals alike. This has not come to light due to his powerful Grace: to control and influence people with his words.

He is not related to the former King and Queen of Monsea, but was named their heir after he appeared at their court and made everyone love him. Shortly after he was named heir, the King and Queen of Monsea as well as two of their closest counselors died. 

He married Ashen, Lienid princess and sister to King Ror, and had a daughter with her, Bitterblue. His Grace stopped working on Ashen when she realized he planned to hurt Bitterblue, leading both wife and daughter to lock themselves in their quarters and eventually escape. He pursued the two, killing Ashen when he finally caught up with her, and scouring the forest for Bitterblue. Due to an injury he sustained at a young age, he covers one of his eyes with an eyepatch, which has the added benefit of hiding the fact he's a Graceling. He is killed by Katsa when he tries to reveal the truth of Po's Grace.


King Leck does not physically appear in Bitterblue, but, the lies he told while alive cause Bitterblue, and Monsea, trouble. Much of the book focuses on Leck's lies and secrets.



Even as a young child, Leck was cold and cruel, displaying psychopathic behaviors. He also seemed to have a strange facination with torture and dissection. Even without the use of his Grace, his manipulative tongue and confusing words are obvious. There are also some hints of him holding a God Complex because of his belief that weaker creatures should bow before him and that it is his right to exert dominance. 


  • At the end of Bitterblue, Immiker, the name Leck was born with, is also spelled Eemkerr.
  • The name Immiker might be based off the word "Moniker" with means name and is often used in refference to what you prefer to be called, such as a nickname or alias. 

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