Fighting; Ability in attracting fondness of men who outrank her


Delicate-boned, light-haired


Guard, member of the King's army

Love Interest(s)

Archer, King Nash


Liv (daughter)

Mila is one of Fire's guards, assigned to her by Brigan, Commander of the King's army. She is one of the select twenty deemed suitable to act as guard for Fire. She is a loyal and caring woman, from the mountainous regions of the Dells where women and men alike are taught to fight from a young age.


Mila became Fire's loyal guard and kind friend. While in King's City, she fell prey to Archer's affections and slept with him. Archer broke his arrangement with Mila off at Fire's request, who knew Archer would break Mila's heart, and for a long time Mila couldn't look Fire in the eye. Only when they realized Mila was pregnant did their relationship mend. Later, Mila was upset to learn that Princess Clara was also pregnant with Archer's child, but reconciled with her.

Due to her pregnancy, Mila had to drop out as one of Fire's guards, and instead became a military advisor to Brocker during the war. She grew close to King Nash, who developed affections for her, and she for him. Nash helped her name her daughter Liv who she gave birth to after the war.

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