Vital Statistics
Full Name Musa
Family N/A
Age 31
Gender Female
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Hazel
Height N/A
Status Alive (Fire)
Grace None
Weapon/Skill None/Fighting
Allegiance Fire
Appears Fire

Musa is one of Fire's select twenty guards, chosen by Brigan, commander of the King's army, to protect her. She is loyal and a constant companion to Fire, as well as an excellent soldier.


Musa was the competent leader of Fire's twenty guards, and a kind and sensible friend to Fire. She was always putting Fire's safety first. While on the road to King's City, she and the others were watchful to make sure nobody hurt Fire. Musa felt very guilty when a man managed to destroy Fire's fiddle. Musa never begrudged Fire her nightly wandering, so long as she took Musa and others with her as a guard.

In King's City, when Jod tried to get into Fire's rooms by using Leck's contagious mind control, Musa resisted it completely and remained clear-headed while the rest of the guards' minds became foggy; she gave Fire a clear description of the intruder.

When Fire broke things off with Archer, Musa offered her comfort.

When Fire is later kidnapped by Leck, Musa and the guards attack the kidnappers, forcing them to escape on a coincidental boat rather than by horse. Musa goes to Cutter's house to look for Fire, but upon finding it burned to the ground, grew very worried. She managed to find Fire taking shelter with a nearby group of people, badly frostbitten. Musa took Fire back to the Dells and resumed her duties as her guard.

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