Prince Raffin






Blonde hair, blue eyes


King Randa (father)
Deceased Mother
Katsa (cousin)

Love Interest(s)


"He's not speaking to me. He says it's appalling behavior for a son of the king. Until my hair is normal again I'm not his son." - Prince Raffin

Prince Raffin is the heir to the throne of Middluns. Along with Katsa he helps to run the Shadow Council (more commonly referred to as "the Council").

Prince Raffin is three years Katsa's senior, and her closest friend. When Katsa and Raffin were younger, they had discussed the thought of the two marrying one another; but the idea was jokingly dismissed. Their close relationship allows Katsa the ability to talk to her cousin about her troubles.

Prince Raffin deeply cares for his cousin, Katsa, and easily befriends Po. In Graceling, when Raffin had discovered the truth to Po's grace he attempted to convince Katsa to understand the reason for Po's deception.

Unlike Katsa, Raffin had been aware of Giddon’s feeling for his cousin. When Katsa asked Raffin if he was also in love with her, he and Bann burst into a fit of laughter. Raffin admitted that Giddon was “very handsome”. Raffin himself has been interested in medicine making since an early age, spending time in the library where he had met his future lover, Bann. In the beginning of Graceling, Raffin had tried out a medicine that he had created to remove headaches; only managing to dye his hair blue. During that time, his father—King Randa—refused to consider Raffin his son until his hair returned to its normal color.

After Katsa, Lord Oll, and Giddon rescued Tealiff, Raffin and Bann took care of Tealiff, Po's grandfather, to help him gain his strength and to figure out who had kidnapped him.

In Bitterblue it is revealed that he is in a relationship with Bann and tensions run high with his father, King Randa, as he banishes Giddon and burns his estate to the ground.

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